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After providing compliance administration to hundreds of investment advisory firms through Fairview Investment Services, we noticed a gap between what compliance consultants offer their clients and what regulators expect from a cybersecurity perspective. Fairview Cyber was formed to bridge this gap. We are here to support your business in meeting regulatory and client expectations for protecting sensitive data.

Founded in 2019, Fairview Cyber works with investment advisers, broker-dealers, trust companies, and other financial institutions to provide critical cybersecurity and vendor management services. Firms often face difficulties creating and maintaining a meaningful data privacy infrastructure, which can lead to regulatory concerns and leaves sensitive data open to compromise. In fact, regulators are increasing scrutiny when it comes to data security during routine exams and audits, and bad actors are coming up with new ways to defraud businesses every day.

Our service model addresses these concerns by curating a custom solution to fit your business. We focus on four key areas of data security and create a custom plan to address the specific needs of your firm – employee training, vendor due diligence, policies and procedures, and detailed documentation. With the help of our in-house privacy and cybersecurity experts, Fairview Cyber executes highly effective data and cybersecurity programs for our clients.